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Dr. Dull is a physician-executive, clinician-scientist and healthcare consultant who is currently a Full Professor (with
Tenure) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, AZ. He is an internationally recognized anesthesiologist
with expertise in cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology and research expertise in vascular inflammation, the
endothelial glycocalyx, vascular permeability and therapeutic polymer development. Dr. Dull was an NIH-funded Principle
Investigator and has been the recipients of 2 endowed chairs: the Ronald K. Baker Endowed Chair in Anesthesiology
($2.8M) at the University of Arizona and the Presidential Endowed Chair in Anesthesiology ($1.5M) at the University of
Utah. He has 20 years of clinical anesthesia experience and remains active clinically with special interests in thoracic
anesthesia and hepatobiliary surgery where his scientific expertise finds direct alignment with patient care.

Dr. Dull has been leader in academic anesthesiology where he has been a Research Director, Vice Chair and Department
Chair at multiple tier-1 research universities. As Chairman, he significantly rebuilt the department through strategic
recruitment, creating transparency and accountability across department service lines, re-aligning compensation with
clinical work and expanding anesthesia coverage across a growing clinical enterprise. The latter involved developing and
negotiating contracts with external providers while maintaining the core academic mission.

Dr. Dull has participated in NIH study sections; he was a Senior Editor for the International Anesthesia Research Society’s
journal Anesthesia & Analgesia; served on the American Society of Anesthesiology Committee on Critical Care; and
Committee on Clinical Circulation. He served on the Scientific Advisory Board for the Association of University
Anesthesiologist, was a member of the American Heart Association Vascular Wall study section; the Welcome Trust Grant
Review Committee (United Kingdom); the European Science Foundation and AXA Research Fund for Post-Doctoral
Fellowships; and the University of Illinois College of Medicine Campus Research Board. He is a frequent ad hoc reviewer
for major journals including Nature Medicine; Anesthesiology; American Journal of Physiology Heart Circ. Physiol.;
American Journal of Physiology Lung Cell Molecular Pathology; Microvascular Research; Atherosclerosis Thrombosis
Vascular Biology; Cardiology; and Journal of Applied Physiology. Dr. Dull has been an Editor for two anesthesiology
textbooks and has co-authored over 38 book chapters. Most recently, Dr. Dull has been focused on implementing
evidence-based clinical pathways (Enhanced Recovery Programs) during the administration of anesthesia and the care of surgical patients. He is a frequent invited speaker at conferences related to Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS @ ).

Dr. Dull has been a Key Opinion Leader and consultant for pharmaceutical companies on matters related to acute lung
injury and inhaled drug delivery. He also has significant experience in technology management at the university level
where he has been the clinical lead on life science-related disclosures for devices and new therapeutic compounds.
Leveraging his extensive research and his clinical experience, he played a key role in assessing the science and
commercialization potential of new disclosures and lead discussions on internal funding. Dr. Dull is also sought after as an
expert witness for medical malpractice claims related to anesthesia.

He is a thought leader in the field of vascular biology where, over the past 20 years, his laboratory has demonstrated the
role of the endothelial glycocalyx in mechano-transduction and vascular barrier regulation. He has published seminal
works in this field. He is widely published in the area of vascular biology, endothelial signaling and endothelial

Prior to his recruitment to Arizona, he held positions at the University of Illinois College of Medicine (Professor and Vice
Chair of Anesthesiology; Bioengineering; Pharmaceutical Sciences); the University of Utah (Presidential Endowed Professor
and Vice Chair of Anesthesiology; Bioengineering; Pharmaceutical Sciences) and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
(Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Bioengineering). He completed his Anesthesiology and Critical Care medicine
training at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston. He received his medical degree from the
University of Illinois, Chicago and was formerly a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Chicago, Department of Pathology, following completion of his PhD (Physiology) and BS (Biology) from Penn State University.


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