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Venture Capital/Private Equity/Start-Up

Dr. Dull has consulting experience in life science technology management at the university level. Leveraging his
extensive research and clinical experience, he has led the evaluation of new disclosures for novel molecules with
therapeutic potential, including the assessment of the basic and clinical science underlying the disclosure, assessment of medical application(s) and the commercialization potential. His work in university life science-related technology management has provided Dr. Dull with opportunities to interact with venture capitalists and analysts from private equity groups. He served on an advisory panel with multiple VC representatives during the assessment of licensing options with university technology management leaders.


Pharmaceutical Consulting

Dr. Dull been a Key Opinion Leader and consultant for pharmaceutical companies on matters related to lung injury, inflammation and inhaled drug delivery. He wrote a key citizen petition used in a patent infringement case on the biology and chemistry of inhaled nitric oxide. Dr. Dulls unique expertise was instrumental in defining the scientific basis of nitric oxide biology and chemistry that occurs in the inflamed lung. His scientific knowledge provided key information that helped contribute to a successful patent infringement victory.

Medical Malpractice

Dr. Dull is a sought-after expert witness for medical malpractice claims related to anesthesia. His clinical experience, extensive publication record in matters related to clinical anesthesia and his scientific expertise all make him a highly credible and desired expert witness. Dr. Dull has been an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants.


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