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Avoiding Common Anesthesia Errors (1 st Edition, Contributing Editor)

DeCoue JA, Dull RO. (2007). Be vigilant during placement of the camera in
laparoscopic procedures and always watch carefully for the physiological effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) insufflation.

Zimmerman JM, Dull RO. (2007). Consider chloroprocaine for regional blockade when appropriate – it is a rapid onset local anesthetic with low system toxicity.

Diel HR, Dull RO. (2007). Do not underestimate the difficulty of reintubating a patient who has undergone carotid endarterectomy or cervical spine surgery.

Ferguson BD, Dull RO. (2007). Don’t let the tourniquet time run long

Dull RO. (2007). Professional practice errors: Do not ask a family member to translate or assist with procedures.

Dillon JD, Botney R, Dull RO. (2007). Remember that the line isolation monitor is based on a simple principle of electrical safety: Make sure the patient does not become part of a grounded circuit.

Dial BC, Dull RO. (2007). The same simple mistakes at induction (and emergence)
happen over and over again – so develop a checklist, make it ironclad

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