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Avoiding Common Anesthesia Errors (2 nd Edition)

1. Benjarat Changyaleket, Jennifer DeCou, Randal O. Dull. Laparoscopic procedures: managing the risks and physiological effects during camera placement, CO2 insufflation and vertical positioning.

2. Brandon Dial and Randal O. Dull Remember that the same simple mistakes at induction (and emergence) happen over and over again.

3. Brian D. Ferguson, Randal O. Dull, Brian Mitchell. Don’t let the tourniquet cause extra pain or complications.

4. Catherine Marcucci, Randal O. Dull, Laura A. Donegan, Neil B. Sandson. Don’t spend time reading Tom Clancy novels until you have mastered these basic drug-drug interactions.

5. Brandon Michael Togioka, Joshua Zimmerman JM, Randal O. Dull Consider
chloroprocaine in emergency situations – it is a rapid onset local anesthetic with low system toxicity.


6. Steven L Orebaugh, Heath Diel HR, Randal O. Dull Easy intubations do not guarantee an easy reintubation after a carotid endarterectomy or cervical spine surgery.

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