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Section Chair, World Congress of Biomechanics, Singapore; 2010.

“Use of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy to probe albumin dynamics within the lung glycocalyx”, 


University of Utah, Post-Graduate Anesthesiology Course, Park City, UT, Feb 2011. “Perioperative Drug-Drug Interactions: Overview of the CYP System”


American Thoracic Society International Meeting, May 14, 2011 “Biophysical Imaging of Lung Endothelial Cells”,  in Live Imaging of Lung Cells Section.  


20th Annual International Veterinarian Emergency and Critical Care Symposium, Sept 2014:

Seminar 1: The endothelial glycocalyx and mechanotransduction: novel mechanism(s) of pulmonary edema

Seminar 2: The lung glycocalyx and pneumonia

Seminar 3: Use of novel biomimetic polymers to treat lung injury


15th Annual World Congress of Biorheology, Seoul, South Korea, May 2015, Glycocalyx Symposium: “Effect of colloids on the biomechanical properties of the glycocalyx”.  


World Congress of Microcirculation, Kyoto, Japan, Sept 2015. 

 Symposium Co-Chair and Speaker:  Lung Glycocalyx, Mechano-transduction and Pressure-Dependent Albumin Transport


International Anesthesia Research Symposium, IARS, San Francisco, CA, May 2015. Special Session Chair and Speaker: The Endothelial Glycocalyx in Anesthesia Practice and Critical Care Medicine:

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